She'snot two months into her new post as the Voice's "Press Clips"columnist and already Cynthia Cotts' copy glows with the sweaty sheen ofdesperation. Not that I keep myself up nights worrying about the careers ofVoice writers, but she seems to be struggling. You wouldn't havethought her predecessor Jim Ledbetter's shoes would be so hard to fill;all he did his last couple of years was hold one-man seances to channel thespirits of Communist schoolmarms for their prudery and disgruntlement with thereal world. But the early indications are that Cotts may not live up even tothat legacy.
A few weeksago she complained about John Podhoretz's stacking the Post'sentertainment section with conservative writers?as though the Voice'sarts and entertainment writing has always been known for its political neutrality.Then she came along about a week behind Adam Mazmanian's piece in NYPressabout The New Yorker grabbing copyrights from contributing artists withher own piece about...The New Yorker grabbing copyrights from contributingartists. Did she disclose, conscience-of-all-media that a "Press Clips"columnist is supposed to be, that she'd read about it here the week before?