But really,how can you root for the Democrats when it's they who inflicted these thingson us? Would anyone who listened to White House spokesman Joe Lockhart for morethan five minutes be sincerely sorry to have the President ridden out of townon a rail? Lockhart attacked the House impeachment managers last week for seekingto influence the senators holding the trial. "This is a process for theSenate to work out," says Lockhart. "We don't believe it'sbeen particularly appropriate the way the House has tried to interject themselvesinto the process." Okay, Joe?I'm with you on principle. But,you know, if there's any bigger affront to the principle of separationof powers than the House trying to influence the Senate, it's the presidencytrying to influence the Senate.
There is,in fact, no principle here: The President and his defenders are just resortingto any-trick-in-the-book hardball, and calling it principle. Democratsbacking Clinton, for instance, have been planning a "conflict of interest"motion against the Hutchinson brothers of Arkansas, since Tim in the Senatewill hear arguments from Asa in the House. What kind of crap is that? What aboutCalifornia Senator Barbara Boxer, the President's sister-in-law? Shouldshe be excluded, too?