27-year-old Convicted in 2009 Lower Manhattan Office Building Homicide

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Joseph Pabon, a 27-year-old former handyman at a Rector Street skyscraper, was convicted on Monday, Apr. 2, of killing a 46-year-old co-worker in their office building and then allegedly stuffing her body in an air duct. According to a press release distributed by the city's DA's office, almost three years ago on the evening July 7, 2009, Pabon was working as a freight elevator operator one evening while the victim Eridania Rodriguqez was cleaning sections of the building. The DA ascertained Pabon followed Rodriguez to the eighth floor that night, where he allegedly attacked her and proceeded to suffocate her with industrial tape. The DA believes Pabon then used the freight elevator to transport her body to the 12th floor. Rodriguez was discovered four days after being killed.

"The defendant hunted down the victim in this case, a co-worker and mother of three, like a predator," said District Attorney Vance. "He senselessly and brutally murdered her, and discarded her body as if it were trash. Our hearts go out to the victim's family and hope this verdict provides some closure. I would also like to thank the skilled and experienced prosecutors in this Office for their work on this case, and the jury for its service."

Pabon was convicted of one count of murder in the second degree and one count of kidnapping in the first degree, both class A felonies.

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