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Tarik Hunter, a crime prevention specialist in the 19th precinct, has been an officer with the NYPD for just over 10 years. Prior to his entry into law enforcement, Hunter graduated from St. Johns University with a double major in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law and Accounting and an impressive GPA. Hunter says the NYPD has been facing some common issues lately, the nature of which will likely come as no surprise to most New Yorkers. NYPD officers have been working hard to raise awareness about the major risks associated with unattended property, particularly in Hunter's Upper East Side precinct. Examples of this include the well-worn story of leaving items unattended at a coffee shop, or draping bags over the backs of chairs in restaurants, only to later discover missing items. Hunter told Our Town earlier in the year that while thefts are subject to spikes around certain times, like the holidays, this year's numbers generally mirror last year's. Some of the most popular items among thieves are flashy electronic devices. Hunter says the NYPD is also trying to encourage New Yorkers to register these personal electronic devices so when these items are stolen, the police can be more helpful in retrieving them. In the past year the NYPD has also been involved in some major accomplishments, according to Hunter. They have worked with community members to solve safety problems posed by delivery bikes, including combatting sidewalk riding, riding through stoplights and riding the wrong way on streets. The NYPD's crackdown on delivery bikes, beginning over the past summer, is an important safety measure for everyone, from pedestrians to motor vehicle drivers. Hunter also describes increased communications over the past years with various community organizations. "These [communications] help the NYPD direct the proper resources to areas of concern and helps us get information to the community involving crime patterns," he says. While Hunter is lauded for his crime-fighting prowess, he hopes to someday go back to school and get his law degree to round out his career. When he's not on the job, Hunter devotes his spare time to family-his wife, Allison, and their teenage daughter, Brianna.

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