A Tribute to Teachers

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everybody remembers a favorite teacher. whether it was someone who pushed you harder, became your friend or simply cast life in a different light, educators stay with us long after the last day of school.

but for individuals who can have such an impact on our lives, teachers rarely get the recognition they deserve. that's why manhattan media started the blackboard awards for teachers. the idea is to salute those classroom leaders who not only nail the basics but go above and beyond the call of duty to help their students succeed.

selecting this year's honorees was no easy task. we received more than 400 nominations from parents, students, principals and other professionals through our website, www.blackboardawards.com. our editorial team culled those nominations down to the select group of outstanding educators profiled in these pages.

in addition to these profiles, each teacher will be honored at a june 8 awards ceremony at fordham university law school.

we salute all the nominees, and give a big thank you to the sponsors of the blackboard awards for teachers: the united federation of teachers, the city university of new york and fordham university.

-charlotte eichna, blackboard awards project director

charter's dynamic duo
love first, teach second
cooking up young learners
support, no matter what
an unassuming brilliance
the first grade transformation
from filmmaker to 4th grade
shapiro's creative curriculum
the science of middle school
a builder of math skills
school sports empire
bergman makes learning contagious
inspiring future scientists
taking students to the source
an advocate in the south bronx
creating an orchestra from scratch
a harbor for the most vulnerable
from band-aids to break-ups
gifted teacher leads precocious group

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