American Actors Suck it This Year

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Go on ahead and talk about Jon Stewart's dull delivery and the lack of panache at last night's Oscars, but who's going to get the debate started about the lack of good ol' American star power taking home statues? It's pretty startling when all four acting awards go to foreigners, no? While Javier Bardem (Best Actor) has toiled away in Spain for years—including [working with Almodóvar]—and was perhaps the most handsome new meat on the red carpet, don't be fooled by Daniel Day-Lewis' (Best Actor) years of faking it as an American, he's still a Brit. Marion Cotillard (Best Acrtress) should make the Frenchies proud (except she was performing as Edith Piaf, an iconic French lady that probably perpetuates all manner of stereotypes we have concerning the Gauls).  The most exciting win was for Tilda Swinton (Best Supporting Actress) was the muse of legendary director [Derek Jarman](, and was little known to most Americans until she played an icy White Witch in Chronicles of Narnia. Wait! Maybe this means she won't do those sorts of daring roles—or get naked with [Ewan McGregor again]( In any event, those American-born actors are surely cursing those slack visa regulations that allow their foreign-born compatriots to work easily in Hollywood...

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