Pork Abusers Beware, Andrew Cuomo's Coming For You
John DeSio

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is not wasting any time going after Albany's sacred cows. Just days into his first term, Cuomo has announced that his office will launch an investigation into the more than 6,000 member items state legislators placed into this year's budget.

"The taxpayers of New York must be assured that their hard-earned dollars are used for legitimate public purposes-period. Without this guarantee, the public trust in our state government will continue to erode. It is time to restore this breach and we will not rest until we return our state government to one of the highest integrity," said Cuomo.

Though I can't name names right now, I can assure you that having looked over that list at least some of those 6,000 member items are certainly questionable, if not potentially illegal.