Louima’s Back in Town
Becca Tucker

At 7:30 p.m. tonight, Al Sharpton—joined by Abner Louima and other victims of police brutality—will commemorate the [10th anniversary of the Louima attack ]at the National Action Network at 106 West 145th Street at Lenox Avenue.

Louima, now 40, lives in Florida with his family on the $8.75 million he received from the largest police brutality settlement in New York City’s history. The Haitain immigrant told the [Daily News] he still has nightmares and sometimes starts shaking when he sees police officers. Justin Volpe, the officer who sodomized Louima with a nightstick, is in a Federal Correctional Institute in Minnesota until 2025.

The Louima attack came on the heels of the fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old Guinean immigrant, Amadou Diallo, in the Bronx in 1999. In 2000, Haitain immigrant Patrick Dorsimond, 25, was shot to death by undercovers in Midtown Manhattan. Nicole Paultre-Bell, the wife of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man shot and killed by plainclothes detectives in 2006 on the day of his wedding, is expected to attend tonight’s event. Last year, [Louima attended a rally] for Sean Bell.