Paul van Dyk Rules Central Park
Wendy Hu

It was Ibiza in New York; Paul van Dyk, king of the climatic dance genre known as trance, proves with his 5th year performing at Central Park that trance is alive and well!

Certainly it was no surprise that a DJ of his caliber came equipped with a giant disco ball supported by a construction crane and top-notch sound system, with bass tones short of shattering eardrums. The sold-out crowd was vast and overwhelming, fighting for room to dance in the normally spacious Rumsey Playfield, as the day transitioned from late afternoon to evening. However, in true virtuoso fashion, the popular German dj took dancers on a hard beat odyssey, balancing technical execution with soul and bringing aboard a rotation of female/male vocalists, as well as a live drummer and keyboardist. Once again, Made Event brings us a summer tradition not to be missed by the hardcore clubbing set!