BREAKING NEWS: Tina Fey Delivers Commencement Address at Local High School
Ben Lasman

At this moment, 30 Rock-star and SNL alum [Tina Fey] is speaking at the [Fieldston School](’s graduation ceremonies. Fieldston, one of the city’s private, prestigious “Hill” high schools, counts a diverse menagerie of movers and shakers among its former students: everyone from the late photographer Diane Arbus, to the father of the atom bomb Robert Oppenheimer, to Sean Ono Lennon, the son of John and Yoko, has walked the campus’ grounds at some point or another.

How did Fieldston manage to snag the movie star for the high school commencement assignment? No one’s saying, but it seems worth noting that Upper West Side Fey’s daughter, Alice Zenobia Richmond, turns 3 in September, putting her theoretically in line for a spot at one of New York’s prestigious private schools. Fieldston, perhaps?