Coalition for a New Village Hospital Joins OWS for #Occupy St. Vincent's
NY Press

The Coalition for a New Village Hospital will join with #Occupy Wall Street and several other organizations for a massive #Occupy St. Vincent's march which will start at Zuccotti Park and end up at the site of St. Vincent's Hospital on Wednesday October 26, 2011 to demand that a hospital be restored to the site of St. Vincent's. Marchers will meet at Zuccotti Park at 3:00pm or join other non violent protesters at the site of St. Vincent's for a "teach in" at 5:30pm.

The Coalition has put forward a plan for the site that would provide for a 200 to 300 bed hospital.

Yetta Kurland, the attorney for the Coalition said that "the community has made clear, all of the data and needs assessments have made clear, the law makes clear, and even the NYS Department of Health has admitted we need a hospital. Now we need the Rudin corporation to hear this. As we know, power concedes nothing without a demand, and as our elected leaders have turned their back on the community, unable to stand up to powerful interests like the Rudin real estate corporation, the community is making our voice heard."

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