New York Prisoners No Longer Allowed to Receive Escape Maps in the Mail

City & State

New York's inmates are no longer allowed to receive mail containing maps that would aid in their escape from prison. A rule released in the state's register today proposes adding "maps that could aid in an inmate escape from a correctional facility to the listing of prohibited materials" inmates are allowed to receive in the mails. Escape maps join an illustrious list of materials already prohibited, including but not limited to: leather shoelaces, dice, Native American ashtrays and shells larger than three inches in diameter, sheer nightgowns, camouflage shoes, soap on a rope, hemp oil, more than 2 ounces of raisins at a time, and poppy seeds. Also presumably illegal ? files baked into cakes or other pastry. To read more from City & State [click here. ](