Float On: Ultimate Guide to Nearby Water Parks

New York Family

Heat wave 2012 is here!Is it warm enough outside for ya? If your fam is feeling a bit overheated, take to the slides, thrills, and spills of some nearby water parks. Water Slide World Splash your heart out at [Water Slide World](http://www.waterslideworld.net/) in Lake George, NY, where there are2 kid-friendly play areas for youngsters and plenty of thrilling adventures for adrenaline-seekers. This park is particularly accommodating to little ones, so no one will be left on the sidelines. Enjoy 12 curling slides, play volleyball, or float in the sun-no matter howyou andyour familyplay, everyone will have a splashing good time. Zoom Flume Water Park [Zoom Flume Water Park](http://www.zoomflume.com/)is a drenched getaway set in the scenic Catskill Mountains that issure to be a hit with the whole family. Daring visitors can explore twisting water slides like the "Black Vortex," a pitch-black tube which takes you for an unpredictable thrill ride. For pint-sized visitors, the park has a playful "Lagoon Activity Pool" and relaxing Lazy River. Located about2 hours from the city, the park could make for a fun day trip or a weekend escape. Mountain Creek Waterpark Sitting at the top of a mountain in Vernon, NJ, you'll find a winter ski resort turned warm-weather waterpark at [Mountain Creek](http://www.mountaincreek.com/). The adventure-seeker will find plenty to do: jump off a cliff, swing among the trees and free-fall into the water, or plummet 99-feet on the H2-Oh-No's vertical drop.Tamerguests can try the River Runner Slide or the Junior Rapids?both great for the timid rider. For those who would prefer to sit and watch, you can splurge on a cabana for around $100?fully equipped with Wi-Fi and shade. To read the full article at New York Family Magazine [click here. ](http://www.newyorkfamily.com/float-on/)