Kidnapped Man Found in Police Detective's Garage


by Adel Manoukian A kidnapped man was found inside a police detective's garage in Queens this past Saturday. The victim was found after police traced a $75,000 ransom demand phone call to the Springfield Gardens home of 17-year NYPD veteran and member of a Brooklyn gang investigation unit, Ondre Johnson. There is not enough evidence to arrest Johnson, who denies use of the detached garage and any part of the kidnapping but his badge and two guns have been taken away. During questioning, Johnson claimed that he lives in one apartment of the two-story home while his cousin lives in the other. Property records reveal that Johnson has owned the house since October 2009, according to DNA info. Police also found a safe in the alleged cousin's apartment that contained equipment like printing presses and blank plastic cards needed to make fake credit cards. The 30-year-old cousin, Hakeem Clark, was arrested that Saturday and charged in the kidnapping. Three other men suspected of helping Clark, Jason Hutson, James Gayle and Alfredo Haughton, were also taken into custody but no charges have yet been filed against them.