Crime Watch
Our Town

Grape Stomp Two perps were strolling down the 1700 block of First Avenue on Tuesday, Aug. 21, when they decided to grab some grapes from a stand. The duo grabbed the person working the produce stand by his shirt and punched him repeatedly in the face, causing him to have a black eye. They then took the grapes and fled northbound. Wedding Smashers After leaving a wedding on East 60th Street on Sunday, Aug. 19, an inebriated guest became involved in an altercation with a passerby on the street. The wedding guest was on the losing end of the fight and ended up with lacerations on his face and a hematoma on his head. Police are still searching for the person that he got in the fight with. Sneaky Right Hook A man in his early thirties got in an argument with two females at 4:50 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 19, on the 1400 block of Second Avenue. While he was arguing with the females, their two male friends snuck up on him and punched him, causing swelling and a laceration on the right side of his face. The two males fled in a taxi but were pulled over at East 63rd Street and Second Avenue. A Toast to Forget A male in his fifties was sitting at an outdoor restaurant on the 1300 block of First Avenue enjoying his dinner on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 8, when a man at a different outside table threw a glass and hit him in the face. The perp fled the restaurant before the police arrived. Clean Getaway An unknown person cut the front gate of a dry cleaners on the 1700 block of Second Avenue on Tuesday, Aug. 14. The perp unlocked the front entrance and went inside, stealing a Dell laptop valued at $1,200 and a Panasonic phone. There were no working cameras on the premises.