29-Year-Old Woman Found Slashed and Bleeding in Orchard St. Building, Dies


A 29-year-old woman was found slashed and bleeding in an Orchard St. apartment building Monday morning, the New York Times reports.

Carlisle Brigham was found lying between the first and second floors of a 191 Orchard St. staircase bleeding profusely and in partial cardiac arrest from a knife wound to the neck. After being rushed Beth Israel Hospital she was declared dead.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the victim's roommate said that Brigham was "distraught" when he spoke to her last on the phone Monday morning.

Now police will summon for questioning Brigham's recent husband, 34-year-old Anthony Champalimaud. The two were just married on August 19 in the St. George's School chapel in Middletown, R.I., but were apparently already estranged for unspecified reasons.

Brigham was temporarily sharing an apartment in the Lower East Side apartment building, the WSJ says.

Police are still on the scene and are continuing investigation. No arrests have been made.

According to the Times article about the recent wedding, Brigham was a graduate from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, and was recently an intern at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Her recent husband is the "vice president for acquisition, strategy and development" for YTL, a "Malaysian conglomerate". Mr. Champalimaud a graduate from Bishop's University in Quebec and has a master's in real estate development from New York's Columbia University.

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-Nick Gallinelli

(Slider Image via The New York Times)