Watch out for the Watcher

At lunchtime on Thursday, June 20, a 51-year-old man placed a bag filled with his belongings on top of the table where he was eating in a fast food restaurant on Broadway. He then stood up and asked a man in his early 20s seated next to him if he would watch his bag. The man said "yes." The older man then stepped away to fill his soda cup. Three minutes later he returned to his table and found his bag and the younger man were both gone. The diner searched the restaurant and asked both employees and management if they had seen the younger man or his bag. His equipment lacked both "Find My iPhone" and "Find My Laptop" apps. The man suspended his phone service, and there was no unauthorized use. The items stolen included an Apple MacBook Pro valued at $3,000, an iPhone worth $500, and a black leather bag valued at $200. The total taken amounted to $3,749.