Best Exterminators

Josh Alpert's Green Earth Pest Control offers more than the old "spray the cabinets and hope for the best"
by anne kristoff

Where to turn when you want to beautify your apartment — or get rid of clutter and pests

Green Earth Pest Control
116 West 23rd St.
For Josh Alpert, “the key to our success in New York was tapping into the world of today.” That meant building his company on a foundation of exceptional customer service and offering way more options than the old “spray the cabinets and hope for the best.” Green Earth offers traditional, green, organic, and pesticide-free services. Alpert expanded the business to the West Coast in 2015 (moving himself and his family there), but his NYC location, established in 2008, remains his flagship.

A3 Superior Pest Control
164 East 61st St.
Jeff Klein is a “Man on a mission to eliminate the scourge of pests that afflict mankind.” The Associate Certified Entomologist started A3 Superior Pest Control in 1997 and it continues to be a family-owned and operated business. A3 had led the way as pest control needs have evolved (they were the first company to provide bedbug heat treatments). In addition to getting the job done, clients like that Klein is there to hold their hand through what can be a horrifying process.

Pest Pro
127 West 70th St.
Father and son duo Michael and John Downey won't just come kill your bugs. They'll educate you on ways to make your home less of a harbor for pests to begin with. They'll also help ID pests over the phone if you send them a photo which, in many cases, will begin to put your worries to rest.