Best Carpentry/Furniture Repair

Veterans Chair Caning & Repair was founded in 1899 by veterans of the Spanish-American War
by anne kristoff

Where to turn when you want to beautify your apartment — or get rid of clutter and pests

Porter Stable
76 Gansevoort St.
From handyman services to custom woodwork to furniture repair, Michael Russo does it all. Customers love his quick responsiveness and reasonable prices in addition to creative design and workmanship, noting, “He's truly at the top of his game as an all-around fix-it whiz.”

Telesca-Heyman Inc.
304 East 94th St.
It's worth calling Telesca-Heyman even if you don't have a repair need. Mario Di Re is a true New York treasure and a lot of fun to talk to. The 79-year-old Italian-born craftsman has been making repairs and building custom pieces for over 50 years. He created the Rizzoli Books interior from scratch and has counted Henry Fonda and Paul Anka as customers. He once asked a finance client for advice on investing. “Woodworking, broken English, and your personality,” he replied. “That's your fortune right there.”

Veterans Chair Caning & Repair
442 Tenth Ave.
When you think of “veterans,” WWII, Vietnam or the Iraq War might pop into your head. Veterans Chair Caning & Repair goes back a smidge further. The family- owned and operated outfit was founded in 1899 by veterans of the Spanish-American War. Though caning may seem like a dying art to some, Veterans is known for its impeccable work and the shop stays in high demand. “We're jam-packed,” said owner Sean Bausert.