Best Carpet/Rug Cleaning

Kermanshah Oriental Rugs Gallery cleans as well as sells rugs
by anne kristoff

Where to turn when you want to beautify your apartment — or get rid of clutter and pests

Kermanshah Oriental Rugs Gallery
57 Fifth Ave.
Mr. Kermanshah says you have to be careful about what you’re putting in your home. He’s been selling hand-crafted Persian and Oriental rugs for over 30 years. “These are not $20 knock-off Van Gogh ‘Sunflowers.’ These rugs are handmade creations and take five to six years to weave.” As such, the cleaning process should be equally as thoughtful. The cleaning procedures take time and Kermanshah will pick up and deliver your rugs back to you. He, like his rugs, is the real deal.

Sutton Carpet Ltd.
375 Park Ave.
Diane Martine’s philosophy is that “carpet is artistry for the floor.” So it makes sense that when painter/filmmaker Julian Schnabel was looking for someone to reconstruct a mansion-size rug, he called her. In addition to repair work, Martine’s Sutton Carpet Ltd. offers cleaning services and sells a wide array of carpeting and rugs.

Class Carpet & Interiors
107 West 86th St.
Class Carpet is a family-owned business that made the leap from the UES to the UWS seven years ago. Customers call the store “small but mighty” and heap a ton of praise onto partner Georgia. In addition to selling carpeting, rugs, and all types of flooring, Class offers carpet and rug cleaning, rug stretching, and floor refinishing services.