Best Re-Tiling and Re-Flooring

In Chelsea, Quarry offers an array of tile, marble and granite
by anne kristoff

Where to turn when you want to beautify your apartment — or get rid of clutter and pests

129 West 22nd St.
Quarry is a family-run business offering a dazzling array of tile, marble, and granite. They also have their own fabrication shop in Queens, which means they can pretty much turn out whatever you can dream up.

New York Cement Tile
115 East 96th St.
NY Cement Tile is the brainchild of an architect and an entrepreneur. This is not your everyday tile. It is encaustic cement and hand-made by artisans who combine old-world traditions with unique design aesthetics that are both modern and timeless. These tiles are a real showstopper and will take your renovation to the next level.

B.I. Rosenhaus & Sons
568 Columbus Ave.
The Rosenhaus family has been in the flooring business since 1902. Alan Rosenhaus, who's noted for his “encyclopedic memory of nearly every piece of floor covering in the store's” collection took over in 1981. His brother Mark came on board in 2000. Rosenhaus offers carpet, wood flooring, vinyl tile, and more, and are known for making the right recommendation no matter what the job.