Best Rescue

The Wild Bird Fund nurses birds back to health with the goal of releasing them back into the wild
by anne kristoff

Because you want the very best for your furry and feathered friends

Animal Haven
200 Centre St.
Animal Haven celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. They provide shelter for dogs and cats until they are able to find them a suitable, safe forever or foster home. The adoption process is simple but you will be asked to provide a reference and demonstrate that you have the space and ability to care for an animal. Animal Haven welcomes kids to come by on school field trips with a tax-deductible donation of $100 per group.

424 East 92nd St.
With a beautiful facility and thorough health and temperament screening of animals, the ASPCA's no-kill shelter is a great place to adopt a pet. Don't expect to walk out the same day with your new family member. The ASPCA is just as rigorous with its potential fur baby parents. But the bit of effort it takes is worth it. “I knew by the quality of the faculty and warmness of the staff that we would adopt a well mannered and quality pet. It was love at first bark!” says one happy pooch owner.

Wild Bird Fund
565 Columbus Ave.
You may not think of wild birds when you think of NYC, but we actually have our fair share. Dealing with ducks and vultures to chickens, owls, egrets and even the oft-maligned pigeon, the Wild Bird Fund is the city's only wildlife rehab center. WBF nurses 3000 birds back to health each year with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. Birds also sometimes go up for adoption.