A dedication to volunteer work

Angie Person has spoken in Albany about fair wages and reads to neighborhood kids

Angie Person

Airport Worker (JFK)

Angie Person started working at JFK Airport in 2013 and helped organize the effort to unionize with 32BJ. “When they said they didn’t have a union, I’ve got to have a union,” she says.

Person is a cleaner at the sprawling Terminal 8, which is twice as big as Madison Square Garden. Nearly 13 million people pass through Terminal 8 every year. “I do the pilot room, the tower, and another part,” she says. “I thank God I’m working.” She remains an active volunteer with the union and has spoken at the state capitol in Albany four times about fair wages, among other things.

Person’s dedication to volunteer work also applies to her personal life. She can often be found at the library across from her apartment, where she reads to and entertains neighborhood kids. “I do a lot of work with little children,” she says. She also spends time at nearby soup kitchens. Before going to JFK she worked at the parks department for 18 years.

It’s evident from the toys stacked neatly around Person’s home that she dotes on her nine-year-old granddaughter, whom she calls “the mini-me.” The two go to plays together and take trips to Las Vegas to visit Person’s mom. She also enjoys spending time with her son. Person was born in North Carolina but raised in Brooklyn, where she still lives.