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James R. Parish's Gus Van Sant

We'd stand outside a theater in the Castro waiting for My Own Private Idaho to let out. Guys came streaming out of the movie hungry for meat like a pack of lions smelling their first zebra in a month. My boyfriend and I were hustling at the time.

DATE: May 07, 2002 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A: Photographer Mick Rock

You know the work of photographer Mick Rock, you just don't know you know it. Mick Rock is everywhere, from the movie poster for Hedwig and the Angry Inch to his famous shots of rock stars. He's been called the glam/punk-rock Forrest Gump,...

DATE: March 05, 2002 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Jonah Matranga

New End Original's Thriller (Jade Tree) is like a kickass mix of Weezer and Minor Threat. It gets me jumping around. The members got their cred maxed, too: two are ex-Texas Is the Reason (Norman Arenas & Scott Winegard), and the singer is Jonah...

DATE: February 19, 2002 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Cynthia Robins, The Beauty Workbook Author, on How to Cure the Green Eyeshadow Addicts

Cynthia Robins' The Beauty Workbook: A Commonsense Approach to Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, and Nails (Chronicle Books, 176 pages, $24.95) fell into my hands as a gift from the gods. Being raised by a mom who got her beauty tips from inebriated...

DATE: January 29, 2002 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Liar's Club and Cherry Author Mary Karr

I first read Mary Karr's memoir The Liars' Club when I was 17. I was in awe of the heartbreaking humor her troubled Texas characters evinced in the face of severe adversity. I studied the complex beauty of her sentences. I wrote her and she wrote...

DATE: December 26, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with "Quality Lit Club" Outsider Jerry Stahl

Jerry Stahl's first two books, Permanent Midnight and Perv?A Love Story are cult classics. In his latest, Plainclothes Naked (William Morrow, 326 pages, $25), he once again traffics in the expected disturbo drugged-out sex-driven insanity,...

DATE: December 12, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Stripper-Turned-Esteemed-Journalist Lily Burana

Lily Burana is a punk rock girl turned stripper turned esteemed journalist. She traveled more than 20,000 miles and went to 25 clubs to write Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America (Talk/Miramax, 328 pages, $23.95). But you...

DATE: November 18, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Tom Spanbauer

The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon (1991) is one of those cult books you hear about again and again until you finally read it for yourself, fall in love with it and become one of the legions bugging everyone they know to read it. Fans of that...

DATE: November 07, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Joe Strummer

The Clash weren't the Ramones or the Sex Pistols?they knew how to play their instruments, and they wrote more sophisticated compositions. When you hear their music played on the radio these days it's hard to imagine that this was once considered...

DATE: August 28, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

Q&A with Weezer's Pat Wilson

When I'm all down in a Karen Carpenter-dumps sort of way, and to add insult to injury I've got a huge sinkload of greased-up dishes in front of me, there is only one antidote to my ills. I whip out the Weezer. It's that mix of crescendo rock-pop,...

DATE: July 03, 2001 | CATEGORY: News

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