Armin Van Buuren Rocks At McCarren

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It’s guaranteed to be a high-energy dance party when you feel the bass thumping 300 yards away. As a special treat on Friday the 13th, the Netherland’s superstar DJ, [Armin van Buuren]( ), got the packed crowd jumping, screaming and convulsing to driving basslines and euphoric melody hooks in Williamburg’s [McCarren Park]( The usual neighborhood hipsters were missing from the audience, as Armin enthusiasts consist of a mixture of Euro clubbers, Bridge and Tunnel folk and the occasional glow stick-wielding raver. Smiling the entire time, the charismatic Armin spinned an arresting four and a half hour trance set full of dramatic build-ups and tumultuous drops as the sun set. Vocalists Susana and Jennifer Rene came aboard on a few tracks and seduced dancers with their powerful, haunting vocals. But the high points of the evening were the times Armin stepped back from the decks and spread his arms like airplane wings—nothing makes the crowd go wild like preparing for flight. Any other DJ attempting this gesture may seem arrogant, as if prompting applause from the mortals; but Armin appeared angelic, soaring off the audience’s energy. A true master of his genre, his performances are not to be missed!

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