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Digital Society
60 E. 10th St. (betw. B'way & University Pl.)

iDoc. This Mac fixit joint offers thoroughly reliable and efficient technical service at costs that match the competition. Now that that's out of the way, what we really prefer about Digital Society is its bedside manner. See, if there's an ass-end to the synergy ideal and the supposed ease of managing one's life through a box, it's just that: our entire fucking world is in there. A sick laptop is no longer just an inconvenience, it's a disaster. In the past it bothered us not, to be corralled like cattle, to have to take a number deli-style, wait wait wait and then describe our PowerBook's symptoms to some preoccupied, side-glancing service department techie. But now, the damn thing is an extension of us. Its cancer is our cancer. And we want the best treatment available.