Best Pet Walkers & Sitters

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  • The team at New York Tails offers notes, photos and even a video of each day's walk

  • Benterprise is a dog walking service started in 2016 by Ben Chaplin

Because you want the very best for your furry and feathered friends

The West Village Cat Sitter

222 West 14th St.


Cats may have a reputation for being aloof and independent but Sylvie Gilbert knows otherwise. “Cats need a daily presence while their 'parents' are away,” she states on her website. So she started her cat-sitting business. Your cat may not need a walk but she'll go visit your pet while you're at work, give Fuzzy some playtime and watch him or her while you're away. “Sylvie is a dream come true,” states one client.

New York Tails

318 East 80th St.


Husband and wife team Paulo and Kira founded New York Tails in 2009. Their whole team is local to the neighborhood and available at the customer's convenience. Customers love their reliability, flexibility, and attentiveness. You can expect notes, photos, and even video of each day's walk.


Upper West Side


Ben Chaplin tried working at a desk right out of college. Luckily for UWS dog owners, it didn't suit. He started working for a downtown doggie day care and in 2016 left to open his own dog walking service, Benterprise. Customers love Ben and his staff for their reliability, patience, and kindness. “If you work hard at your dreams it is possible to forge your own path, even in one of the most unforgiving cities in the world,” he said.

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