Boats, Surfing Wipeouts & KFC
George Will can eat my Bermuda shorts. I'm in the air right now, on a Continental flight returning from a weeklong, sun-drenched family vacation, so I'm missing the roundtable on ABC's This Week, with Will no doubt tut-tutting the significance of Gov. George W. Bush's convincing win in the Ames straw poll on Saturday night. Besides his appearance as a professorial prig of the most foul order, you get the feeling that Will doesn't have much fun in life; he probably wears galoshes in the shower. As far as presidential candidates, I doubt many would meet with Will's sniffy approval, save Plato, Cal Ripken Jr. or maybe a pol who's currently paying his wife's salary. In his Aug. 12 New York Post column, headlined "Not Ready for Prime Time? George W.'s First Stumble," Will rapped the GOP front-runner's knuckles for using the word "fuck" so freely in Tucker Carlson's profile of him in Talk, a middlebrow monthly that's currently a hit on newsstands. Will scolds Bush for not demonstrating presidential gravitas and criticizes him for telling the reporter he's not fond of reading 500-page policy documents.