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by dan rivoli

for two years in a row, the straphangers campaign called the c train the worst subway line in the city in its annual report card.

the line stretches from the tip of northern manhattan, through the upper west side and through the rest of the borough into brooklyn, ending in the east new york neighborhood.

compared to the subway system average of 21 train lines, the c train had a lower regular scheduled service, more delays from mechanical breakdowns and garbled subway car announcements. the survey also found that the c trains are dirty. one of the only benefits of the c train is that a rider is more likely to get a seat.

the scores were ranked with a metrocard rating, in dollars and cents. the c train had a score of 55 cents.

other upper west side train lines fared much better than the c line.

the local 1 train that runs up broadway was rated the third highest line in the subway system. the express 2/3 trains that also run on broadway scored a little lower.

the 2 train was considered less clean and slightly less reliable than the other lines. the 3 train was cleaner than the system average, but breaks down as often as the average subway line.

the local b train, which also runs up central park west, was tied for 15th place in the subway system ranking.

overall the report found that this year, the subway system improved. nearly all the train lines are cleaner, half had clearer subway announcements and 16 subway lines broke down less than last year.

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