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The always outspoken Congressman Jerrold Nadler launched into a discussion on the "War on Women," an intiative he says is being perpetrated by the GOP, last week at a Lower Manhattan Democrats meeting. The congressman, who represents the 8th congressional district in New York City, raised the crowd's vitriol by discussing a series of bills introduced by the GOP he has-and continues-to oppose on principle and in action. Highlighted below are five bills that drive Congressman Nadler most crazy:
The "Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act" This bill makes it a crime for anyone other than a parent to accompany a minor out of state to receive an abortion. Under this act, a doctor who performs an abortion in this instance without parental consent is subject to prosecution. The only exception is when the minor's life is endangered by not receiving the abortion. The bill makes no exception for rape victims or relatives other than parents transporting minors. What Nadler has to say: The last time we employed the federal government to enforce laws between states was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. The "District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" This bill states that at twenty weeks after fertilization a fetus is capable of feeling pain, therefore abortion in the District of Columbia should be prohibited beginning in the sixth month of pregnancy. What Nadler has to say: The Republicans have brought some quacks on board to say fetuses feel pain at twenty weeks. This "fact" has been consistently refuted by legitimate doctors who uphold a fetus cannot feel pain until at least the twenty-ninth week. The "Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act" Under this act, abortions would be prohibited in any case where termination is dependent on the sex of the child. What Nadler has to say: Sex-selection abortions are rare-this bill is intended as another obstacle. As a tactic in scaring off doctors from performing abortions, this is merely another stepping-stone for Republicans in their aim to eradicate all abortions. Rhetoric is the main issue here; Republicans can twist it and claim anyone who opposes the bill is sexist. "Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act" This proposed Republican bill amends current safeguards for immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence. This bill hinders these women's access to the existing anonymity and possibility of acquiring residency when reporting an aggressor. What Nadler has to say: The most dangerous period for a victim of domestic violence is immediately after reporting it. This proposed bill makes immigrant women significantly more vulnerable to violence by aggressors. Several state bills criminalizing miscarriages. These proposed bills would make any "human involvement" in a miscarriage punishable as a felony. What Nadler has to say: This is one more foothold for Republicans in turning women into vessels for children, rather than human beings with their own rights. This bill is a distraction and further attempt at entrapment, serving as fodder for Republicans to accuse any opponents to the bill of being "terrible people." -Alissa Fleck

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