Crime Watch: Gadget Bonanza

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Gadget Bonanza

A Chambers Street electronics store was broken into on a recent Sunday morning by a group of enterprising thieves. According to police, the perps, who remain at large, successfully and carefully removed the glass from the front door of the shop and proceeded to steal around $25,000 worth of electronics. Their loot included four iPhones, two iPads, 20 Blackberry phones and 29 Samsung phones. They would have nabbed more as they attempted to break open the register, but unfortunately for them they couldn't pry it open.

The Unlucky Tourist

A French man on vacation was going down the stairs to the subway at Broadway and Park Place when he felt someone approach him from behind. While the man was holding his son, say police, a thief snagged the tourist's bag, which was on his shoulder. Stolen items included a $50 Nokia cell phone, a $600 Canon camera, a $700 Apple iPad and $350 in cash.

If the Shoe Fits

Last week, a shoe store on Fulton Street was the victim of a giant theft. An employee reported to police that a "customer" had asked to use the bathroom Friday morning, but on the way to the loo, he gained entry to the storage room. The thief piled 20 pairs of shoes, worth roughly $360, as well as 6 cans of shoe polish into a black plastic bag and took off. Fortunately for the store, the man, 52, was arrested by police.

A Gang of Three

Usually, or at least we have always assumed, people are mugged under the cover of night. But a report of a daytime theft recently came out of a Downtown precinct. A 53-year-old man was walking out of the train station at Varick and Canal one recent afternoon when three unknown men, each around 6 feet tall, hovered over him and reportedly said "give me your money." The unlucky guy had only $5 on him and was subsequently punched and kicked to the ground by the group, though they did take his Lincoln bill.

Streetway Robbery

At 4 a.m. on a recent Saturday, a 38-year-old man was sitting in his car, which was parked at Park Place and Church Street, when he was robbed at gunpoint by an unknown male suspect. According to police reports, a man approached the car and proceeded to show the handgun he was carrying. He demanded the guy in the car give him his wallet and other valuables. The victim reported to police that throughout the whole ordeal the man with the gun had a cigarette in his mouth. He eventually made off with a $5,000 gold necklace, $380 in cash and the victim's $100 cell phone.

One-Hit Wonder

A Soho clothing store recently reported a one-off theft to police. According to reports, a man was seen walking around the store during the day and an employee saw him touching a $1,100 leather roadster jacket. While unobserved, the man ran off with the jacket.

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