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Local spas are offering rejuvenating ways to stay on target By Sharon Feiereisen There's nothing like the month of January to make you swear up and down that this will be the year you opt for fruit over chocolate or never skip spin class for sleep. If history holds true, however, things probably won't go exactly as planned. In an effort to do all that we can to make sure that 2013 is unlike years past, we've scoured the city for the best treatments to keep your health and fitness resolutions in check. The aptly named "New Year, New You" is a spa package offered by the Mandarin Oriental through March 31. For $1,925, you get accommodations at the posh hotel, The Spa's detoxifying Clearing Factor treatment (a three-hour treatment that includes a body scrub, Swedish massage with lymphatic drainage, cupping and a body wrap), a private yoga class, one day's worth of BluePrint Cleanse juices along with the 3-Day Cleanse book, and a complimentary spa gift. Over at Bliss, you can indulge in their "Fatgirlslim Lean Machine" treatment. The circulation-promoting treatment-tailored to your trouble spots-includes a top-to-toe dry brushing to exfoliate, application of Bliss's Fatgirl slim cream and a demo massage with their lean machine body contouring tool to help smooth, tone and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. A bargain at $195, given that you get to take home the contouring device (worth $145), the treatment lasts 30 minutes. Body Sculpting ($285 per treatment-you get 10 percent off if you purchase a series) is now offered at Mecca Paul Labrecque; it combines endomologie and colon hydrotherapy to improve blood circulation, increase your metabolism and eliminate toxins from the liver and lymph nodes. The treatment also purports to increase collagen and elastin, thereby decreasing volume and bloating and generating a healthier, rejuvenated skin tone. Get even more high-tech at Pure Flow Fitness, where treatments include Pure Pulsation ($200 per session) and Pure Oxygen ($125 per session). During the Pulsation treatment, your legs are strapped to a bed with heart rate monitors attached to your body; the straps around your thighs and calves tighten and release in synch with your heartbeat to accelerate your blood flow. By boosting circulation, this treatment claims to increase energy levels, improve fitness, enhance mental clarity and build endurance while revitalizing and oxygenating the tissues. The Oxygen treatment entails lying in what looks like an oversized body bag while your body absorbs pressurized oxygen. The treatment claims to stimulate healing, improve physical fitness and recovery, increase circulation and boost energy levels. If you've been blaming an injury for your lack of physical activity, head over to Yamuna, a yoga and Pilates studio that also offers foot fitness and body rolling classes using 6-to-10-inch balls to release tension and discomfort ($20 per class). Or, get a diagnosis at the Hospital for Special Surgery where diagnostics are offered for various sports and activities. Their Running Mechanics Profile ($320), for example, lets you know how your running form is, whether you pronate, if you're a heel-striker, if you're in the right shoes, whether your running form is putting you at risk for injury and much more, so that you can have all the tools you need for safe workouts in 2013.

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