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to the editor:

in suggesting how andrew cuomo should react to carl paladino ("inside the war room," sept. 23), alan chartock asks, "do you take him seriously...? (you bet you do, considering how he decimated his opponent in the republican primary.)"

mr. chartock makes a common error here. just over six percent of all registered republicans-statewide-went to the polls for the primary. this means that mr. paladino's seeming "mandate" after his "decimation" of mr. lazio is nothing of the sort. in fact, quite the opposite. it means that the overwhelming majority of republicans were unimpressed by either candidate-but clearly would not "pull the lever" for mr. paladino, no matter how "angry" they are.

this does not bode well for mr. paladino in the general election. even with mr. lazio no longer on the ballot, it is not likely that republicans are going to come out in droves to support mr. paladino

so what should mr. cuomo do? he should not get sucked into the trap that mr. paladino and his "pit bull" (campaign manager michael caputo) are setting, leading him back down the path of his own well-known anger. rather, he should discuss and respond to substantive issues-with passion, certainly, but not with the type of mean-spiritedness that mr. paladino seems to be addicted to.

ian alterman

upper west side

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