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Meade's, a locally-owned bar and restaurant at 22 Peck Slip at the South Street Seaport, is throwing a bash to celebrate its survival one year after Hurricane Sandy nearly destroyed it forever.

Owner Lee Holin recalls surviving a 5-foot storm surge of ocean water and a harrowing three weeks of no electricity, broken equipment, not to mention punctured spirits as well as other mishaps brought on by the storm.

"I thought that we were going to be out of business forever," said Holin. "It took us 2 weeks to re-open and 8 months to get it back together." Holin, 37, praises his fearless crew for much of his success. "Every single one of our employees showed up every day to work, not sure if at the end of it all, they would still have a job or not."

Unlike 80 percent of the businesses in the area, Meade's was able to overcome the disastrous storm. They operated by candlelight without heat or hot water, with no register (they could only accept cash), with an iPod in a martini shaker ? to enhance the acoustics - as their only source of music. Without any of the normalcies of a bar/restaurant, not even any electricity to perform their typical day to day operations, the severely handicapped restaurant barreled onward through trying times.

Somehow, Meade's was able to persevere through the storm and lived to tell the tale. Today things are back to business as usual, with just a few small wounds - reminders of the storm that almost took them down for good.

On Tuesday, October 29th, from 5 p.m. ? midnight, the bar revisits the ordeal. One part re-enactment, one part party, Meade's will recreate the atmosphere of Superstorm Sandy with an evening gathering featuring free food, $3 beers and more.

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