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By Paul Bisceglio Soho enjoyed a dash of celebrity drama last weekend when Julien Chabbott, boyfriend of The Hills reality star Stephanie Pratt, was arrested in front of The Mercer Hotel. Police found the 28-year-old's $258,000 red Ferrari on Mercer Street illegally parked and sans registration or inspection stickers. The couple was on the scene, and Chabbott would have received only a summons had he not attempted to run over the officer's foot-or allegedly snatched the ticketing officer's notepad. The spectacle began around 6:15 p.m. on Saturday. According to police and witnesses, Chabbott spotted officer Felix Recio writing the ticket, argued with him and tried to grab his notebook. The rest is on YouTube thanks to Damian Morys (user Damrys7), 17, who happened to stop to film the event. Chabbott slid into the driver's seat against Recio's orders and began to rev the engine and inch forward. Recio blocked the car and scolded Chabbott, then suddenly slammed his fist against the window. "You ran down my f---ing foot! Assault a f---ing officer?" he yelled in the video. Recio pulled Chabbott out of the car and handcuffed him on the ground with the assistance of another officer. Pratt, along with a growing crowd, can be seen looking on in the background. Chabbott pled not guilty on Sunday to charges of assault and obstructing government administration. According to TMZ, he claims that the car was parked by a valet and believes that the cop was faking injury. "The guy's an idiot," said one Soho worker who witnessed the event. "With that car, you'd think he could afford a ticket." Many locals and shop owners were far less opinionated. Despite media buzz, some had noticed the crowd but were apathetic about the details. Others, including two workers at the hotel who just returned from vacation, had heard nothing about the incident. C-list celebrities handcuffed on the street or no c-list celebrities handcuffed on the street, it seems it was business as usual for most of Soho.

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