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If you needed any more proof New York City breeds freaks and mutants, it's here. Gothamist is reporting the City may have created its very own specie of ant. (by Alissa Fleck) A Columbia professor decided, earlier this year, to investigate the wildlife outside his 63rd and Broadway building rather than go on a tropical reconnaissance mission (budget cuts?), when he made a shocking discovery. The ant specie he found on the front sidewalk was new to North America, and likely the entire world, reports Gothamist. The jury's still out on whether he's disappointed about forgoing a tropical vacation to study city ants. As of now, the new species remains unnamed, though the NY Post has lovingly dubbed it the "ManhattAnt." Thirteen different species of ant already live in the City, but Gothamist reports it's possible this species evolved to live in warmer, drier habitats. It's also possible it literally "jumped ship" from another continent. The professor who made the discovery is studying the diets of urban ants (urbants?) and has found they contain high levels of carbon due to increased consumption of corn syrup. The more fascinating issue seems to be there is someone out there who studies the stomach contents of City ants. Add this to the long list of terrifying things squeezing and scurrying out of the Concrete Jungle's crevices.

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