How Does Dixon Place Stack Up on the Nightlife Scene?

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Our resident nightlife contributor The Visceralist travels downtown and reviews Dixon Place Bathroom situation - just past the lounge area which itself is just past the bar in front (on your right). There's a communal unisex area with a shared basin that is abutted on its left and its right with 2 single-person closets each. So 4 total. Ladies, bear in mind that the far one on the left only contains a urinal, so unless you're the kind of nasty girl who celebrates when the guy fingering you in the bathroom stops to pull his now blood-soaked fingers up to your face (like from epsiode 2 of Girls), then I suggest waiting for one of the other 3. Cuz that's nasty. Takes credit cards? - not at the bar, no. The area is replete with standalone ATMs, but Visceralist doesn't fuck with them cuz of all those local news reports about card-skimmers which probably exaggerate the problem, but why risk it, just go to a bank. There's a BofA and two Chase branches 3 blocks East on Delancey St. Crowded on weekends? - so Dixon Place does double duty as a bar & theatre space. The performance space downstairs holds a gang of people, and as we all know, after the show it's the after-party, and since there's a bar right upstairs from the show, that's where the after-party be at. Seating - 10 or so stools around the bar and a large, mock-persian-carpeted area on the street-level. Seating for about 90 in the performance area. Neighborhood - right on the LES/SoHo border so expect to get bypassed by yellow cabs and gouged by gypsy cabs. So fuck it, just move down here. Pretentious/assholes - one of my idiot friends recently invited me to an event and I was like "Yo, don't you know I'm a respected NYC nightlife columnist now? I need way more than 1 day's notice if you really want me to come to your 'catch the Heat game' bullshit. God damn." Un. Follow. Cost of Stella - $6 for a bottle of that good. What time people start showing up - hard to say, unfortunately. It really depends on the day, the event being held here, who everyone thinks the event-organizer is fucking exclusively and who the event-organizer is really fucking on the low. Bartender efficiency - small bar, but the 'tenders Visceralist has encountered here have all been smiley, attentive and genuinely engaged in and impressed by our anecdotes. Official Website - [here]( Terrible scroll-down-forever interface with a baby-shit-green color scheme, but otherwise completely skippable. Food? How late - they sell bags of Utz at the bar, so if you want to be that "(crinkle-crinkle) oh, it's ok, no one can really hear me" fuck in the audience that everyone can hear, go ahead, buy up a bunch and then go to hell and "catch the Heat game" with my former friend. TVs? What's on - so Girls has a lot going for it, a few glaring flaws, and that one hilarious scene where Hannah's ex tells her "Your dad's gay." then storms off, but the most striking thing in Visceralist's opinion is that it contains at least 1 excruciatingly honest sex scene that I'm frankly surprised they can even do on HBO, yes even from the network that brought us Adam Scott jizzing on everyone and everything in Tell Me You Love Me. Damn! Guy:girl ratio - skews female, if you can believe it. Toys - they have two wooden chairs on a mini-stage in the street-level lounge area, so you could maybe do a little impromptu recreation of the chair dance from Madonna's "Human Nature" video, but you should prolly ask someone first. Age of clientele - folks who remember Go-Bots and M.A.S.K. toys either cuz they played with them or bought them for their kids. Space for dancing? - DP isn't really the type of venue for dance, unless it's on stage downstairs and choreographed by a character from Portlandia. Music medium, style & volume - last time Visceralist was here, some dude rolled up to the bartender and said "When I come here, I expect to hear Edith Piaf!" in the most obnoxiously "Haha, aren't I just terrible, haha" voice I've heard since Bill Maher said anything he's said in the past 5 years. Specials or most popular drink - they have a cocktail called The Humping Dog that consists of Gin & Rhubarb Pimms. I read that and was all, "Um....the fuck?"
Dixon Place

161 Chrystie (btw Delancey & Rivington)

NYC, NY 10002

(212) 219-0736

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