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to the editor:

as an alumnus of fordham lincoln center and a native west sider, i believe the spirit misses a citywide concern: the role of universities as real estate developers rather than institutions of learning (jan. 29 editorial, "fordham needs to grow"). columbia, nyu and others have chosen to rely on their not-for-profit and educational status as a means of sustaining their "business" enterprise. they no longer rely on generous alumni and they build more than classrooms to finance their expansion. but in their wake they leave neighborhoods damaged more than any chain superstore.

we must also remember that when the lincoln center campus was built, it was as a "satellite" to the 85-acre rose hill campus in a time when few were willing to venture to fordham road.

the west side is being eroded by large-scale projects that will take away a neighborhood filled with the scholars, artists and intellectuals that these universities produce. universities have changed greenwich village, harlem and now the west side, but not always for the better.

john c. jeannopoulos

upper west side

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