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By Simon Lazarus Vasta My Bloody Valentine, TBA (TBA) The music masses have been waiting for a follow-up to My Bloody Valentine's last album, the modern-classic-that-has-been-around-so-long-now-it's-just-a-classic Loveless, for twenty-one years now. Many, myself included, had given up the faith, stopped chasing that particular white whale, and resigned themselves to crate-digging for early MBV obscurities. But when Kevin Shields reassembled the band in 2007, he did so with accompanying promises of a [new record, allegedly 75% finished.] Virgins conceived. The sky turned magenta. Popgeeks worldwide wept tears of joy into their Primal Scream bedsheets. But as the weeks turned into months and the months into years, it seemed Shields was making empty promises. The band continued to play sold out shows, but any talk of a new album was seen as just that: talk. That is, until last November, when [Shields told the NME to expect a new album by the end of the year.]( Then, on Christmas Eve, [the band confirmed that it had finished mastering three days previous.]( So, yeah, we don't have a name, we don't have a release date, sure, it was supposed to come out last month, but heck, it's done. It's coming. I just hope it isn't the shoegaze Chinese Democracy. ( The Joy Formidable, Wolf's Law (January 22) The Joy Formidable are responsible for some of the most ferocious and affecting Indie Rock I've heard in ages. One of my favorite things about this Welsh three-piece is how they manage to sound so big, so restless, so undefeatable, and lead single ["This Ladder is Ours"]( is no exception. More maximalist, blow-the-bloody-doors-off pop in 2013! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Push the Sky (February 18) After wading around in the sludgy blues-rock purgatory of Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and the Grinderman records, Nick Cave seems to finally be returning to the surface. If ["We No Who U R"]( is anything to go by, Push the Sky seems to be a return to the plaintive, sorrowful, nature obsessed poet last heard on 2004's double album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. And while I dug my namesake album and Grinderman quite a lot, I've missed this guy. ScHoolboy Q, Oxymoron (TBA) While last year's Habits & Contradictions was nothing short of fantastic, Oxymoron looks like it's shaping up to be a whole different animal. It's to be Q's major label debut on Interscope, and in the wake of Black Hippy compatriot [Kendrick Lamar's phenomenal good kid, m.A.A.d city,]( he's set the bar pretty high for himself, [according to this interview.]( Here's hoping he clears it. David Bowie, The Next Day (March 12) There is a new Bowie album coming out. There is a new Bowie album coming out. There is a new Bowie album coming out. THERE IS A NEW BOWIE ALBUM COMING OUT AND IT'S THE FIRST ONE IN TEN YEARS AND I'M HYPERVENTILATING OVER HERE YOU GUYS OH GOD HE'S BACK HE CAME BACK FOR US I'M SO HAPPY THERE'S A VIDEO WITH PROJECTION PUPPETS AND A SONG OF NORWAY T-SHIRT AND ALSO A LITTLE PUP WALKING AROUND VISCONTI'S PRODUCING AND THE SONG'S ABOUT BERLIN AND THE END OF THE VIDEO IS ODDLY REMINISCENT OF DAVID MALLET'S BOWIE VIDEOS FROM THE LATE SEVENTIES AND EARLY EIGHTIES I'M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS (cough, pant, cough, et cetera) Achem. Sorry. I just hope it isn't the Bowie Chinese Democracy. We'll be back next week with more jokes at Axl Rose's expense, but that's all for now here at Now Take Them Out Devils HQ. Follow Simon Lazarus Vasta on Twitter [@Hunter_S_Narc](, and gander at his [Tumblr here](, where he'll be obsessively posting screencaps from Revenge for some reason.

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