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The New York City's MTA has signed a $599 million contract with Bombardier Inc. for 300 new subway cars for use in the City's transit system, the Wall Street Journal reports. (by Alissa Fleck) The new cars will replace the oldest train cars in the city, such as the C line train cars, which will be 50 years old at the time of the switch. The majority of these train cars will be delivered between 2015 and 2017, and will resemble the newest cars currently in use, with bright lights, sharper-looking signs and even chilly air conditioning. The C train consistently scores last in rider assessment of subway lines, according to the WSJ, but uncertainty remains as to whether the new cars will directly replace C cars, or whether the C train will simply receive newer, recycled cars already in use elsewhere. One faithful C rider told the WSJ he thought the C line was consistently left unclean "mainly because it's in Brooklyn." The J and Z lines make up the other oldest subway lines, while cars on both lines as well as the Q, N, E and F have some of the newest cars in transit. Below are some MTA subway car statistics (compiled from the NYC MTA's website): -In 2011, average weekday subway ridership was 5.3 million, the highest since 1951 -There are approximately 6,282 subway cars in service -There are approximately 7,775 weekday train trips -Subway cars in NYC traveled a total of 342.7 million miles in 2011 -In 2011 the average number of miles traveled by a subway car between repairs was 172,700 - Over the past 20 years, NYC Transit has rehabilitated or upgraded almost half the stations in the system

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