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Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell took umbrage with State Sen.-elect Pedro Espada Jr.'s assertion that O'Donnell agreed to hold off on pushing a gay marriage bill in the legislature. In an interview last week, Espada said the gay marriage concession would be part of a deal between the Senate Democratic conference and Espada's three-man renegade caucus. "I have never entertained the notion that passing the Marriage Equality Act may need to wait for any reason," O'Donnell said in a statement. "I am not in a position to count votes in the State Senate but I have consistently asserted my optimism that justice and equality will prevail." Last year, O'Donnell carried then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer's marriage equality bill in the Assembly. In a historic vote, the chamber passed the bill. The three rogue Democrats, dubbed the "Gang of Three," have withheld supporting State Sen. Malcolm Smith for majority leader unless he promised to keep the gay marriage bill from being brought to the Senate floor, among other concessions.

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