Our Favorite Fair Food...

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...is funnel cake, according to a poll of New York and New Jersey residents commissioned by State Fair Meadowlands.

The Public Opinion Research poll questioned 400 residents of New York and New Jersey about their favorite foods to eat when at a summer fair. Twenty-five percent said funnel cakes, while 23% said hot dogs and 12% answered sausage and peppers.

"Summer fairs are all about indulging in special foods. Where else can you get a deep-fried Oreo, funnel cake, cotton candy and a corn dog all in one place? Part of the fun of a fair is in seeking out those special treats that bring out the kid in all of us," says Al Dorso, President of State Fair Meadowlands.

Want to ruin your fun? How about some calorie counts! One deep-fried Oreo has 98 calories, curly fries have 620 calories, and sausage and peppers has 850 calories. As for funnel cake, the people at State Fair Meadowlands think it's better you don't know.

Interested in pigging out? Go [here].

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