Our Own Stories

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contributors look back on the news they broke and the memories they made

some tales stay with us, whether it's because they seem to matter so much-like when an innocent man is freed-or because they are funny or of the moment. we've covered crime and elections and culture and real estate and health and development and the changing state of the city's schools. through it all, we've netted our share of stories, great and small, and one thing that the editors and writers of west side spirit have had over the years is an awareness that our corner of the world seems to be so darn newsy.

on the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we thought we would share some of our own west side stories. with special gratitude to the people who covered the news as it was breaking-and who were left with more than their share of memories. (links to the stories after the jump)

a tale of two homeless men, by janet allon

drug wars raged, by jim rutenberg

on the boards-and on deadline, too, by brian maxwell

go ahead, call the cops, by charlotte eichna

the chinese menu wars, by chris erikson

two great editors, by whitney scott

10 crazy races, one crazy night, by edward-isaac dovere

a plucky bunch, by michael rothfeld

the best beat in the world, by stacey asip

'your kids' and our mailbox, by christopher moore

return of the west side batman, by dan rivoli

never bored at the board, by wendy davis

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