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Comedian's new book sheds humorous insight on the state of the world Comedian Lee Camp has finally released a book version of Moment of Clarity, his clever web series of political rants. Published in both paperback and e-book formats, Clarity anthologizes 90 of the smart humorists best position pieces and adds in twenty never-before-seen photos of Occupy protests. As the book demonstrates, smart humor is quite possible, as Camp emerges as a Gen-Y Lewis Camp. Camp is an informed liberal with no qualms about calling people out on their hypocrisy, laziness, or general small-mindedness. Topics in his F-word-riddled book include witty ruminations on everything from the truth about American history ("When kids get lied to, they grow up to be first-rate douche-tards. It's a proven fact") to lab-grown meat ("the only reason you can say you prefer cow meat over lab-grown meat is if you insist you prefer your beef taco has the slight taste of memories") to a slanted take on Wikileaks ("I knew it was the most wonderful invention since Oprah created a sexual preference that's neither gay nor straight"). While sarcasm is usually a tool for more insecure people to use in conversation, Camp wields his like a weapon. Using a distinct voice that combines current low-brow conversational slang with erudite wisdom and research, Camp cuts through behavioral BS. Witness his take on death row inmate Troy Davis, arrested at the age of twenty for killing a police officer, who remains there even though seven of nine witnesses have since recanted their statements in the ensuing two decades. On top of that, one of the two remaining witnesses is actually considered by many to be the true culprit. The comedian-writer mocks zealous Georgia governor Nathan Deal while also exhorting the public to wise up to gross miscarriages of justice, both legal and social, over their more mundane concerns (Davis was ultimately, and controversially, put to death in September 2011). Camp's voice finds a firm middle ground between angry humor and urgent seriousness, making both sides of the spectrum accessible. And his range of interest is certainly versatile, running the gamut from Justin Bieber to reinstating the draft. In short, he's a humane observer, keen on opening up everyone else's eyes. There is a great deal of thought put into his work. For those who are also interested in viewing the man in action, Clarity provides YouTube links atop every essay so readers can check out the corresponding video clips of Camp's smart tirades. This is more than just an extra step of self-promotion. Camp is vitally interested in forging a real connection with the audience he so fervently exhorts to action. One of the most salient points this ribald, attention-worthy comedian makes is that we're all in this together. Check out more information at [](

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