LEMAÎTRE Duke of All
I've gotsome very bad news for media liberals: Even though it received little mediaattention, a recent Reuters/Zogby poll shows the Duke to be America's favoriteactor of the century. Yes, dear readers, John Wayne, always riding tall intothe sunset, is more popular than those grimacing, foul-mouthed twitching midgetswho pass as film stars nowadays. Almost asgood is the women's side. Katherine Hepburn, the haughty, impeccably manneredConnecticut Yankee who never even came close to uttering the f-word onscreen,or anywhere else for that matter, is numero uno among the weaker sex, with theworking-class heroine Meryl Streep in second. It's the Duke and Kate, followedby Jimmy Stewart and la Streep, so take that and shove it, as they say, allyou Hillarys, Bills, Harvey Weinsteins, Jerry Springers and Alec Baldwins ofthis world.