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by reid spagna

a landmark preservation group is taking advantage of modern-day technology to describe the architectural history of the upper west side.

on aug. 17, landmark west launched an online campaign to fund its own application for the apple iphone to provide a guided tour of central park west.

"we are really excited about how people are getting behind the technological aspect of [the] project, and also how people are eager to share the history of the upper west side," said cristiana peña, the organization's director of community outreach.

the organization is raising money through, a website that gives artists and organizations a way to promote their endeavors and solicit financial support. to get the money, however, a group must meet their fundraising goal by a deadline. landmark west needs to have $3,000 in pledges by 5 p.m., sept. 21.

so far, landmark west has received $115 from six backers.

landmark west wants the iphone application to educate its users about central park west, which neighborhood groups are trying to get landmarked. if it receives the proper funding, the application should hit the app store on apple's itunes in either late 2010 or early 2011. landmark west plans to funnel any excess funding into a second application, a guided tour of a second neighborhood on the upper west side.

landmark west, celebrating its 25th year, has helped nearly 2,700 buildings earn historical designations from the city's landmarking preservation commission.

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