The New York Times buried the lede...

Make text smaller Make text larger its [obituary]( this morning of Claus Luthe, the German car designer responsible for the sleek BMW models of the 1980s that influenced American car design. 

In the 13th (and next to last) paragraph of the obituary, Dennis Hevesi reports:  "In 1990, after 14 years at BMW, Mr. Luthe’s career came to an unfortunate end. He was convicted of murder after stabbing his often-troubled 33-year-old son, Ulrich, to death during a violent argument. He was sentenced to 33 months in prison, but did not serve his full term."

My gosh, yes, what an unfortunate end to Ulrich's career!   

This obituary must be comforting news to successful people everywhere who, unfortunately for their career, may have also murdered their children.  They no longer have to fear that their criminal acts will detract from a generally laudatory obituary in The New York Times.  


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