The Waylons Bring Sweet Sounds To Mercury Lounge

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Somewhere in the underground of the New York indie rock scene there is a collection of un-hyped bands deserving of attention, along with formerly hyped bands that never blew up. Their shows, at the smaller and more lovable venues, are rarely crowded, but always worth the price of admission. It doesn’t matter if only 5 people show up, the band will continue on and play their songs with enough passion to still win over a new fan or two, even when the place seems empty. There will be a few off nights when the band starts to lose the desire, after being disheartened by their hard work and apparent lack of results, but the thrill of bringing their hard work to new people always seems to win. The Waylons are one of the little secrets of the indie underground. They don’t play jangly post-punk, and they don’t use over the top stage antics, so the blogger world hasn’t gobbled them up. What they do is write really great Americana/pop rock songs will draw comparisons to such greats as Simon & Garfunkel, Wilco, The Kinks, and Teenage Fanclub. Mercury Lounge hosted another fine performance by The Waylons on Monday night. The sound was crisp, and the band shined through a set highlighted the songs that made their debut album such a treasure (especially “Stunning” and “Twenty-Six”), and a few new songs that make it clear that the follow up will be just as enjoyable.

Photos courtesy of [Jonny-Leather]

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