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Readers' neighborhood questions answered

Do you know what happened with the sudden closing of the Food Emporium at 68th and Broadway?

Well it's official. The Food Emporium on Broadway and West 68th Street is closing. The shelves are empty, and prices are slashed. Signs all over the store proclaim that "Everything has to go!" But why? It is no secret that Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A and P), the parent company of Food Emporium, sold the food store brand in September, and has been slowly closing its stores. So the change was inevitable.

But, sources said, the corporate situation has no ill-bearing on the reputation of the store itself. A Food Emporium employee said that "it was sad but not shocking" and that the location itself was very popular in the neighborhood. A and P refused to comment multiple times on the stores being sold.

"Food Emporium has a very good reputation in the NYC area and without any other information my guess this is a strategic move to reposition the business to make it maximally profitable," said John Stanton, an expert in food marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

So the short answer is money. But what will replace Food Emporium? Rumors have been swirling about a Walgreens, or other convenience store/pharmacy-esque store. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

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