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By Alissa Fleck Country Brunchin' at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg is easily one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done in the City. It's also just the latest variation on the Brooklyn theater/restaurant's weekend brunch series, celebrating the "sweet sweet South and all its goodness." This event is 100% ideal for people whose attention spans are best suited to imbibing multiple forms of overlapping entertainment with little-to-no lull in the action. The excitement begins as soon as audience members file into the cozy dinner theater, where a live band mingles relevant tunes with casual small talk. This past weekend, the Gentleman Callers, a "60s-era country classics" band, set the mood, rocking out with mariachi tunes against a backdrop of grindhouse Western clips. When the band was finished, the house dimmed the lights, and served up delicious Southern fare (in addition to the usual menu) while Smokey and the Bandit played on the big screen. Each brunch features a different Southern-style special, whipped up just for the occasion. This weekend it was mouthwatering chicken-fried steak and, fittingly, a can of Coors Light. The menu also boasts unique concessions, extravagant desserts and several vegetarian options. One of the most incredible things about Country Brunchin' was how smoothly the shindig went down. When a live band meets food served in the dark, you might expect hiccups, or at least a drunken Coors Light-fueled ruckus, but everything went off without a hitch, and each aspect was incredible. The Gentleman Callers even managed to work in the film's theme song, performed impromptu alongside an audience member celebrating one heck of a birthday party at the venue. Nitehawk has this event down from Coors to curtain, and I will definitely be back next month. Country Brunchin' takes place the first weekend of every month for $16. Each weekend features a different "high octane, emotionally moving, six shootin', car chasin', down and dirty [movie] set below the Mason Dixon line," with a unique and appropriate culinary special.

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